mana burn, does it do anything?

a couple of times i did mana burn some guys a bunch ( before start of battle), but enemies just kept on casting. does mana burning to stop them from casting actually do that?
i know you can infinity mana drain any enemy to recover your teams mana… does that mean every enemy has infinite mana for the purpose of casting spells when not silenced/stunned ?

Maybe the enemies were casting spells through spell gem properties like “cast when hit”, in which case they don’t cost any mana.

I’ve used Mana Drain in arenas and can confirm that they do stop casting, unless the spells are free. Examine enemy traits, because some spells like Shellburst and Murder of Crows are common free spells. Basilisks and Salamanders get free casts, too.

I don’t think enemies have access to or use cast for HP spells. I’ve never seen enemy HP decrease after a cast.

But you said it yourself - Silence is best if you want to stop spells.

oh im trying to stop the vertaag wonder twins from casting their spells…

sealing their spells doesnt stop them
you cannot silence/stun/anything them
I do have a tremor or two, but its not reliable, sometimes they buy me a turn or two… but its hard when they cant be killed individually and heal/res each other
i started out with 3 mana leaks at the start of the game, then used drain mana x3 as well, and they still cast rapture
ive thought about that creature that maybe skips enemy turns… but yea if they cast 2x those spells above i die since the first one removes my shell
also i notice that when i debuff them ( not even attack them directly, but does debuffing them count as a ‘hit’), they dont cast steel storm until their turns.

aprox how much mana do you guys think they have? is it more then 100? cause thats how it seems since i burned them a lot and they still cast rapture.

if i can stop rapture i can shell the steel storm every turn no problem.

If you think they are casting based on Mana, you can use Tribal Husk (Stomping Basilisk) + Timewalk to fully drain them 100%. Just cast Timewalk on your Basilisk.

However, it’s possible that they are casting for free.

You might also look at Psychic Vortex that can negate the spell damage.

There’s a phoenix trait that can help prevent resurrections. Not sure if that will help.

they cast breath of life, does that count as a resurrection? they arent actually dead, they stay at 1hp due to god traits unless both are killed.

@ Psychic Vortex i already have my nether with that trait, would getting another one stack? I am guessing that 2x 30% chances per creature to ignore damage is better then two single 30% chances to interrupt via tremor.

Maybe try Book of Sloth “At the start of battle, reduce the enemies’ Attack and Intelligence by 30%, and Mana by 50%. This trait does not stack” to maybe survive a rapture without shell?

Also Sparkling Dragon Wing " After an enemy casts a spell, reduce its Intelligence by 50%" and eventually their spells will be ineffective

I think there might be better suggestions if we knew more about how your team is set up.

yea i have the book of sloth trait already. I also put debuffs on the enemy and use ‘stank’ trait which reduces their outgoing dmg by 50%~ ( and i have a chaos guard too)

team comp doesnt really matter as I cannot survive… im lvl 410 (600 creature avg & 7k gene) vs lvl 10 god, I did kill a few gods already but this one just kills me with spells.

been thinking of this too as i dont have the dragon wing material but I can get consuming_vortex
is this just straight worse then tremor? 20% negate vs 30% interrupt. I dont really care about keeping the spell as I cannot damage the enemies with it anyway…

anyone else have any ideas on how to stop/block spells vs a super over leveled enemy ? i cannot find much info about gods and common strategies vs them

omg i was able to do it with an insane combo i just thought of. it involved surviving the first few spells with tremor + shell + invis luckily

God fights scale with your level, so that doesn’t matter. Level 10 fights aren’t supposed to be easy. They scale similarly to sigil fights. So you can estimate a lv 10 fight to be 15x your level. That’s why you get one-shot.

Usually, you need very specific setups to counter the god abilities to beat them.

thanks for your help… going to be fun figuring out the other bosses too… and their abilities