Manjaro Linux 1.1.1 - Possible Memory Leak

Today, over the course of some realms i noticed that Siralim was taking a bit more RAM than usual, seemingly increasing over time, and forced me to close other applications. Due to irl events i left the pc for around 30 minutes and when i returned i did see that Siralim was taking around 50 to 60% of my total RAM by itself, which is around 4-5 times the amount of RAM it usually uses. I was not in the middle of a battle or anything, although i did close the game in one.
Im unsure of how to provide logs in this case, but that is the savefile i was using at the time, although i didnt save as i forcefully closed the game mid battle
slot1.sav (1 MB)
EDIT: Totally didnt dox myself for a second right there nope