Many avatar spells don't mention they are ultimate spells

The following avatar’s spells do not mention that they are ultimate spells in the description:

Gunfurian / Sunder
Torun / Avalanche
Vulcanar / Heat Wave
Venedon / Shootout
Tenebris / Hungering Void
Perdition / Afterlife
Zonte / Unstable Anomaly
Meraxis / Good Fortune
Yseros / Illusion
Vertraag / Comet
Friden / Ghostly Scimitar
Tartarith / Butcher
Mortem / Bloodwave
Azural / Frost Hammer
Aurum / Gem Bomb
Apocranox / Rain of Arrows

The ones not listed did mention being an Ultimate spell in the description.

Thanks, fixed in the next patch!