Marksman Sigil

Hi Zack,

I have created a minor sigil from Skeleton Marksman cores. When I have used the sigil, there was no Skeleton Marksman in the enemy team. The main and nether enemy was a Fire Priest.

Is it a bug ?

Can you tell me if there is a legendary material that gives the Marksman Power ? That’s what I’m looking for to tell you the truth.

Minor Sigils always have random enemies. Converting them into Minor Sigils is just a way to dump excess cores that you have no use for. You’re looking for a material called “Eye of Innovation” which will drop from the Skeleton Marskman’s Major Sigil, or anywhere else at random.

I really thought that when you create a sigil from specific cores, you would get that creature minor sigil. I’ll have to count on some luck then. Thanks for the name of the material.

Edit : I’ve just checked, it’s not Eye of Innovation since this one gives the Gunslinger ability. I don’t have the material for the Marksman ability.

It wouldn’t really matter since you just get a random reward from Minor Sigils anyway :slight_smile:

Once again I thought that when you defeated a minor sigil, you would get the major with the same creature. I was completely mistaken.