Mass Recycle Gems

Could we have some kind of option to be able to mass discard spell gems,?

It cost me around 1.3 mil essence to mass transmute just under 2000 gems but I got back about 500 which almost defeated the purpose of trying to use mass transmute to clear my spell inventory.

Mass Recycle could be a free service and reimburse you like 100 Crystal per gem recycled, essentially a gem could be considered to be made out of Crystal.

I second this.

Not a bad idea, maybe an option not unlike the current regular transmute, but instead of selecting 3, you can select any number, and gain a small amount of resource for each once you confirm, like the 100 crystal suggested above.

Still keep the option to mass transmute or mass crystalize all non-locked, but a select version like described here for both transmute and crystalize would be an awesome addition.

The gem recycle could use a rework in my opinion. 3 gems + resources for a random gem out of the hundred+ is a really really bad deal. It would only be useful at the beginning of the game when you have few gems to get rid of copies you have, but by the time you are likely to unlock the option you probably have more gems than you know what to do with.