Mass spell transmutation QOL improvements

I have almost 1800 spell gems.
The motivation to spend a couple of hours going through the list is rather low due to the very tedious process of it.

The spell transmute interface could be expanded by having the option to exchange spell gems with certain properties or lack of.

This explanation could apply to an auto-discard / auto-transmute interface as well. This would be when a spell gem is gained. (seems slower long term)
Auto example: Auto-discard/transmute no property spell gems if a mana reduction spell gem of that name is already obtained.

Fine grain mass transmute option (more reasonable)

I have almost no need for a blur spell with no properties since I have a few with mana reduction.

When entering the mass transmute interface there would be an option to select spell gem name(s) and desired or undesired combinations.

Necrosis,blur,spell breath
exchange all with no properties or only cast when hit
keep all mana reduction and cast on hit

The combinations could have the option to be applied globally as well.

Discard all spell gems that have no properties if more than one of that spell gem is unequipped and not locked.

This would cut down on time spent manually doing this process when possibly thousands of spell gems will have to be sorted through every 50 hours. The problem will only get worse as more and more items are added to chests with deeper realms.

I agree this would be super awesome! I hate needing to go through all my new gems periodically to do basically the same thing.

At least the option to salvage any unlocked spell gems below x% mana. Since that is the most time I spend going through spell gems.