Master of Occultist not working

I know might have been posted before elsewhere, but Master of Occultist isn’t working since I moved to 0.9.5, at least for the Spell Charge consumption. It used to work fine (ish) for me before I shifted to the new patch. Now it just doesn’t work.

I run a party of just 3 Occultists (base race) as a Druid with Master of Occultist, using only low Charge spells like Rapture/Star Pact, so it’s very noticeable for me (borderline unplayable now). Before going into the Test Branch, I was only ever prevented from casting due to Sealed Gems. Now, I can only run 2-3 battles consistently before running out of Charges.

I have checked for Race changes/Drain Power and the like in case those were preventing me from casting but even in battles where there were no such mechanics/Spells/Traits, Charges are always being consumed, whether via manual cast, extra casts or cast on proc.

Hoping for a fix so my Druid team isn’t completely stunted. :upside_down_face:

Could you please attach your save file or PM it to me so I can try to reproduce it with your setup? It seems to be working for me but there might be some trait you’re using that causes it to bug out.

Here ya go. Still not working last I tested.

slot2.sav (512 KB)

Great, thank you! Found the problem.