Max number of attacks per each creatures turn?

I was just wondering if there is a maximum number of attacks, or ticks of damage per each creatures turn. Im playing as a sorcerer with Echo, Efficiency, and Mirror Image perk. I have the abyssal wisp with the Lyra trait (attacks and casts 3 additional times), also the Thundering Salamander with Limitless (50% chance to cast again). 2 creatures with pyromaniac, also a creature that casts magic missile when a spell is cast. The wisp has Infernal Charge spell with chance to cast on attack. I have Fury Swipes spell available on all my creatures. I cast Fury Swipes on the wisp who then just spends a while attacking and all sorts of things happening, especially if he casts Fury Swipes on himself. Anyways, I was fighting a mimic which had a ton of health. After about 20 or so damage ticks from the various things going on, it eventually stops taking damage for the rest of time it takes for all the combos to finish. The animations still appear, but no damage or immunity appears until the next creatures turn. Seems like too much going on per turn or maybe I’m missing something. Any ideas?

-Edit - Also have a Terror Hound that gives my creatures 3 stacks of dire wolves, dealing more damage per attack.

It’s usually a max of 15 attacks/casts per creature per turn (stated in codex), but usually with the longer chains, the floating text will stop appearing after a while to speed things up a bit, not sure how many exactly.

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check deeper into the codex. My setup might be a little overkill but it’s been fun and working well so far.