Maximum Buff Realm Trait Suggestion

I was thinking that creatures always have x buff trait should not count against the maximum buff limit.

In general I dislike this particular realm trait, as it just ruins certain builds.
To only allow one buff is a bit much, and even if a build only needs 1 buff, say Splashing,
and is built around that,
there is little chance of actually maintaining splashing - as realm buffs, and creatures that always have buffs, will not leave room for it.

I think I suggested it earlier, but to challenge buff centric builds, aside from the existing enemy traits that convert buffs to debuffs. You could have the realm trait: enemies mimic your buffs.

I do find realm traits that shut things down frustrating. It basically means I don’t creature builds around those mechanics. E.g. I’m unlikely to ever make a resurrection based build, as long as the “can’t resurrect realm trait exists.”

I know at some point you talked about taking on optional challenges / satisfying the gods by having constraints on your party. I feel these kind of blanket shutdown mechanics are far more suited to an opt-in / challenge style, were one carefully works out how much one can bite off and chew, than the random potluck style that is realm-instability.