Maybe change Vashtine's miniquest?

I like the miniquests that you get from the citizens of Siralim, like when the blacksmith asks you to find his gold bars or the enchanter asks you to find her a crystal ball, but there’s one that is strange and doesn’t seem to make sense. Vashtine (the guy that handles the Arena entrance) has one where he says he was travelling with his brother and they were attacked and his brother was killed. He asks you to find his brother’s body and return it to him for burial.

This miniquest makes sense the first time you see it, but it seems stranger and stranger each time after that. Does Vashtine just have a huge number of brothers? Why doesn’t he stop travelling to the monster-filled realms if his brother dies every time? This problem exists to a lesser degree with some of the other quests (Why does Bynine keep losing his journal?), but the stakes are so much higher with a brother dying that it breaks immersion for me every time.

I think it would be better to change this miniquest to something that makes sense when repeated, like the other miniquests. Maybe something like he’s looking for a monster that escaped from the Arena or he’s looking for mages that want to compete in the Arena or something.

Hey, it all makes sense as soon as you realize his brother’s name is Kenny.

Man, I feel bad for that guys mom! XD

Lincoln once wrote a letter of condolence to Mrs. Bixby after all five of her sons were killed in the Civil War. Finding five dead brothers could be a Steam achievement. :smiley:

Oh geeze, how morbidly clever. I like it! Haha