Merchant disappearing

  1. Bug

  2. Leave castle, return to castle, all merchants gone. If it matters i returned through emergency evac (aka loss)
    Happened with first merchant, never came back, then finished second one after completing ritual. He then disappeared after return/death

  3. XP

  4. .19

I have the same bug, the merchants never came back. I was defeated once and I guess that must have been when they disappeared. I am using windows 7 64 bit. I have all 4 merchant stalls. When I completed a ritual, the new merchant would be there and could be interacted with. Once I completed a realm and warped back, they were gone. This repeated for each of the merchant rituals once done. Still missing in version .21.

For some reason mine came back in .21

Not sure how long they will stay though.

There’s a work-around to this:
Reload your game.

Merchants will return!

Merchants came back for me when I updated to .22