Merry Malt Change Suggestion

I think it should be:
“Caster gains a trait of it’s race it does not have. This spell is a Booze Spell”

For reference it is:
“Caster gains a random trait. This spell is a Booze spell”

I feel gaining a random trait is too random, and not very useful, especially when the spell is already pretty random, being a booze spell. Changing the spell to be like a more efficient self cast Transcendence seems better.

Else it just massively overlaps with Ascension: “Caster gains a random trait. This spell cannnot be cast manually, but has a 50% chance to cast when the Caster Defends or Provokes.” which is also a non-manual castable spell, that can get randomly triggered.

I really like the Transcendence spell, btw. Gaining traits has always seemed very cool in theory, but too clunky with the high random factor, in practice.