Midnight Feast (Fallen Carnage)

Gotten a team of creatures up to about 75 and my mage is around 65, so starting to plan out some future fun builds ^^. Then I realized one of those builds needed to know some mechanics behind this skill, and its not possible for me to test this atm.

The ability reads: When this creature kills an enemy, recover 50% health, gain multistrike for 3 turns, and take an additional turn.

Since it does not specify attack, does this work from other abilities that deal damage?
And if it successfully activates, does it use up your turn first, then put the creature at the top of the action que, or do you simply get a “prolonged” turn?

Wondering since many abilities activate when you start your turn, and if these activate again when midnight feast gives you a new turn.

It only works from attacks. As a rule of thumb, if an ability doesn’t specify anything (such as “When this creature casts a spell…”), assume it only works from attacks :slight_smile:

Technically, the creature’s turn ends and then it gets a new turn again. So if it has a certain buff or debuff, that effect loses one “tick” of its duration again when the creature takes an additional turn.

Thanks! :slight_smile: