Mimic Turn Skipped [0.4.5 Windows]

If there is the realm property “Resurrect on Death” and my creatures kill all the enemies on T0, then all the enemies resurrect. This then skips my Mimic’s turn despite it being on top of the Timeline. The Mimic does not have any debuffs and there are no realm properties or traits that I can see that would cause this.

The monster died on his turn so it his turn is over.
I have the same issue when my Zombie Minions kill a monster with the “Resurrect on Death” property is active in a Realm. Problem is I believe this is resolving as intended based on the order of operations when it comes to fights.

I also often have this issue when my boots cast a spell that kills all enemies. Enemies then resurrect, but I don’t get a turn. Was always confused because sometimes I would still, though thinking about it, those times were probably just when one enemy survived or something along those lines.