Mini game for loot

a lot of Rpg’s like “fate, torchlight, …” have mini-games,
and I found myself spending a lot of time to fishing among these mini-games to shoot ridiculous objects , to decorative, up to rare equipment.
it was in some Rpg of a simple button to press to raise my catch, and in other games a real combat with gauges to measure so that my line does not break, yes hours of mini-games to again and again farm and loot resources and equipment, and this thirst to complete the list of catchable fish.
I would be really delighted if a skill based fishing mini-game was integrated into the SU. in real life the man threw anything into the oceans, so who knows what the gods of siralim can throw out the window ?, more it would be an idea to couple fishing with the guild system I find.

I can imagine a strategic game - like a kind of Mastermind or something like that… but i hate fishing-games i have to click totally exact in 0.0003 sec like in stardew valley. A game i could win with patience and thinking would be nice.