Minor and Major Sigil drops


I’ve been trying to figure out how the minor sigil drops work. Anyone out there already know? I want more major sigils for chances at legendary crafting mats.

At present, I think realm level is the most important thing. power balance not so sure.

On Realm Level 15 out of 10 minor sigils with 200% Power balance, I found 3 major sigils.
On Realm Level 20 out of 6 minor sigils with 190~ Power balance, I found 5 major sigils.

Are there other factors? Does whether or not you’ve completed the duty matter? shrine usage? player level? anything else?

Then when you have a major sigil… what determines whether or not you’ll get the legendary material? Same factors?

Anyone figured it out?

I don’t know for sure, but my understanding is:

  1. Realm level increases your odds best
  2. Power balance also increases your odds
  3. … and nothing else!

Minor and major sigils work the same way, so go as high as you can, beat a minor sigil to get a major sigil, beat the major sigil for the legendary crafting material associated with the creature of the sigil. This is a good strategy.

In the upcoming 2.0 patch, there is a new creature that will improve your chances of getting legendary drops from major sigils. You also will have a new character perk that improves odds of legendary drops from major sigils by up to 20%, and you can improve your chance of getting major sigils from minor sigils, too. Basically, you can specialize in mining legendary artifacts, allowing you to access more of them at lower levels.

The 2.0 feature sounds like just what I’m looking for :slight_smile: