Minor ps4 bug

So I have noticed that echo doesn’t activate at all under certain conditions. I am briefly running an aja birku with dimensions, and benefic
An ascendant revenant with fireworks, and soul sucker
A troll king with sadism, and resin
A glutinous slime with abomination and vext’s invocation
A doomsday spectre with blessing from below, and consumption
And a inflatable watcher with boing,boing,boing and best within
And with this combo echo hasn’t activated yet today. I put this team together earlier today and in about 5 hours of play time I’ve yet to see it

Are the spells being cast manually? For example, Aja Birku’s trait causes a spell to be cast automatically, which wouldn’t benefit from Echo.

My bad I should have included it seems to only be dark transformation I use it to boost the hell out of this team and lower the enemy at the same time