Minotaur with Charge ability doesn't work

First, apologies because I don’t have time to look up the name of this Minotaur right now, and I don’t want to forget to report this. But this bug report is about that Minotaur that has the ability that gives it a stack of the Charge buff whenever it gets attacked. First, the duration on the Charge buff is set to one turn, which I think is a little silly. But second, even if I attacked the same minotaur three times between its turns, nothing at all happened when its turn came around.

I have two separate guesses about possible causes:

  1. Charge is like Burn, it goes Charge -> Charge1 -> Charge2, but it’s set to only do something at Charge3.
  2. The Charge buff was wearing off before it ever checked whether it had three stacks.

Looks like Charge stacks aren’t accumulating properly right now, so it actually takes 4 hits instead of 3 for the effect to go off. It’s intended that it only lasts for 1 turn though, since the effects are pretty devastating (damage equal to 25% of all enemies’ max health).