Misc & Balance changes feedback

Thanks for the update! I really felt you listened to feedback - I liked the “creatures can’t manually defend change”! haha :smiley:

I really liked the old infinite lord trait
“This creature’s attacks deal extra damage equal to 60% of the target’s Current Health.”

It is a shame to see it go. Any chance it might return?

I also liked the Here to Die inflicting snared, though perhaps it was a bit strong - with the mass poison spell. Perhaps that’s why I liked it, haha

You seem to be systematically removing the old t0 strategies. Like charge, pyro, etc…

I can see how it might be a better game without them but I liked them.

If you do aim at removing all t0 strats, I think it is important to really streamline the animation.

Some builds can trigger almost 40+ attacks per round, and it just takes absolutely ages for them to play out.

It basically makes those builds unplayable.

I would focus on making non-T0 builds more attractive, and rewarding, rather than nerfing T0.

You could, for example:

  1. increasing the cap for fortune, so as to favor reliable builds

  2. maybe add a realm trait that makes things immune to damage before the first creature has taken it’s turn

  3. massively increasing the speed at which animations play out - when in turbo mode.

I am pretty sure that any number of attacks, casts, and trait interactions, within the cap limits, should be instantly calculable by any modern computer, and so the only slow down is the animations playing out…

Could there be an option to just make all animations play out instantly? It could always be something unlocked at a late stage of the game, or something that has a cost per realm, for example.

The animation speed, even under turbo mode, really makes many builds completely un-viable, as either so slow as to be literally hard to play, or just so slow as to be not be very satisfying.

Random aside, I find the creatures can’t gain traits realm property very annoying. It very strongly shuts down some builds. And seems more appropriate for a boss fight or boss realm or some kind of an optional option for increasing difficult, rather than something that one inevitably encounters eventually and randomly, via realm instability.

In general, I would nerf something via counter play and realm traits rather than removing it

Soft counter rather than hard counter, e.g. the change to the ethereal spell gems trait

and buff the unused rather than nerfing the overused

Not to say that you are not already doing all of those things!

Anyway, thanks to anyone for reading! Just a few thoughts.