Miscellaneous bugs


Here are a bunch of bugs I have noticed for a while but that I have never taken the time to report :

  • You can’t disenchant an artifact that is fully enchanted (no slot available) while it is equipped to a creature, although you can disenchant a slot free artifact when it is equipped
  • You can’t choose to teleport to a realm number that ends with a “0” : 10, 20, etc …
  • On Android, when you put the game to the background and you bring it to the foreground again, you sometimes get the message that thanks the player for having bought the game. Sometimes it does not appear and sometimes it appears several times

Great reports. I’ll fix everything. Thanks!


Here are a few more bugs I have noticed and a suggestion :

  • I have got a Marvelous Shard from a power spell and it has not been added to my inventory. I am wondering if it has not happened before with other power spell shards but I’m not sure. I receive a lot of shards lately and I don’t have that much in my inventory. I’m sure for the Marvelous one though because I don’t have any in my inventory.
  • The Dispel spell does not dispel the Scorn condition
  • The event where random creatures are given random “small creatures” buff like Dire Wolves sometimes goes into a loop that ends only if you press A. The creatures are given a lot of buffs because of that.

My suggestion :
When creatures are linked, is it possible to not play the attack sound for each linked creature ? I have a Diabolic Horde team with a Nemesis and each time one of my creatures is attacked, I hear the same sound 6 times. It is a bit annoying and makes the fights longer. Could you even display only one message that says all creatures have received X damage ?

I’ll get these bugs fixed as well, and implement your suggestion about Link. I can definitely see how that would be annoying.

After some testing, it looks like the reason you might not be receiving the shard is because a few patches ago, shards were renamed. They used to have over 30 different possible names and they were chosen at random, but that’s confusing so now there is only one name per shard level - 5 in total. So you probably had a few old shards in your inventory and the game is just adding +1 to the old stack. This is kind of the same idea as the particle name issue you mentioned before - it’s just a cosmetic bug and will resolve itself after you deplete that stack. Even so, I am going to add something that will rename your items and make them up-to-date in the next patch.

It would be really nice if you can do something that renames all old items. Will it work with particles too ?

Yes, it will work with all items.

Can’t wait for the next update. I have to say that the fixing of the Aftermath spell will help a lot as I have encountered a lot of crashes because of it. I could swear the enemies know it makes the game crash because they cast this spell a lot lately :slight_smile:

It seems like there’s always one spell or creature that causes problems, and that one always tends to show its face more when it’s bugged :frowning: Bad luck.

By the way, are you the one who has the 14 daily realm streak?

No I’m far from it, only 6 for me. Even without the crashes I have encountered I’m not sure my team is strong enough to go through a 14 streak. The 7th begins to be very long to finish (not very hard yet though). I suppose the 14th would be very hard.

When there are no bugs left I’ll see where I can go.

I’ve done my 9th daily realm today and enemy creatures were around level 350-370, which is pretty impressive already.

I wonder how strong they can be on the 15 streak that our unknown hero has achieved. Or does it scale with your creatures level ? Is it possible that the same realm is easier if you have lower level creatures ?

The enemies scale to your level. With the way scaling works in this game, it will get easier the higher you level up.


I have another bug to report with the Dispell spell. It does not dispell the stun condition neither. Maybe the whole spell is broken.

Dispel and Mass Dispel should not be used at all right now. They won’t work and can potentially crash the game.