Misery fight: Lich Priest trait inactive during phase 2

LOVE the game, was able to win this fight despite this apparent bug.

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Not a crash

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Brought a Lich Priest to the Misery fight. Trait = Unholy Prayer: Your creatures can cast Murder of Crows and it costs 0 Mana. During first phase of fight, this trait was unavailable as expected. During second phase of fight, all traits were reactivated except for Lich Priest’s Unholy Prayer. No creature was able to cast Murder of Crows (it did not show up on their spell lists) - I expected it to become available again, to be consistent with the other creatures/traits.

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iOS 10, iPad Pro

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Today I saw the same behavior when fighting Diamond Paragon. After it was killed, all traits were restored except Unholy Prayer.

Traits like Unholy Prayer only activate at the very start of battle, so while the wording could probably use some work since it’s ambiguous in that regard, it’s working as intended. Sorry for not responding to your original post sooner!