"Missing" creature.

I recently purchased Siralim 2. A purchase I’d have made earlier, but my funds at the time made things a bit difficult. And I’ve had a blast with the game and I intend to make a more in-depth post about my experiences with the beta, in the near future. However, before I do so, I haven’t been able to locate a minion with an ability which seems, to me, like it must be somewhere in the game:

A Nature minion, which grats +7% Speed per Nature gem.

Sorcery has a +Intelligence minion, Death Defense, Chaos Attack and Life Health. Now, logic dictates that this is a cycle of minions and that the fifth, and final, member would be a Nature/Speed combination. But I can’t, for the death of me, locate the, assumed, Nature/Speed member of the cycle. Neither in-game or on the Wiki. Am I to assume, that it its an oversight or that it was cut from the game for being potentially overpowered? Or am I simply blind?

Thanks for your time.

You can use

Caustic Cerberus:Channeling

This creature can’t cast spells directly. Your creatures have 5% more Attack, Intelligence, Defense, Speed, or Health for each non-temporary Chaos, Sorcery, Nature, Death, or Life Spell Gem this creature has equipped.

It’d be nice it what you want is added but I don’t see how this missing creature discounts your game play experience.

Ahh! So I take it, that “Nature Speed Gem-Guy” dosen’t exist then? Fair enough. Mostly just wanted to know, because it really does seem like a minion like that should exist.

Creature traits are “themed” based on race (for example, Giants all do things related to their HP), so any overarching themes are coincidental.

It’d fit the theme nicely if this were to be added on a new Imp. Personally I don’t think it will make S2 any more/less fun with/without it.

There will be expansions i suppose. Maybe it will be added in the future.

“Darkness Fate: Your creatures have 7% more Speed for each non-temporary Nature Spell Gem each of your creatures have equipped. This trait does not stack. (reworked)”.

I feel oddly at peace.

A shame that it was the Necromancer who got changed, though. Cross-classing is awesome and the main reason for why I rerolled Chaos; because its strangely better at magic than Sorcery. But then again, he did allow for some silly, silly things. Palace Familiars with old-Braze and access to Unholy Confessions and Necromantic Armour, for instance.

Hopefully we’ll see other cross-classing options in the future.