Mission autosave

If you get a mission’s results and close the game, you lose the rewards.

Is there a reason why this bug was never addressed after 3 years of this initial report? I just figured out that this was the reason why all my rewards from my missions were never saved in my inventory.

Device: Apple iPad Air 1
Operating System: iOS 10.3.3
Game Version: 2.4.5 (although the in-game title screen incorrectly shows 2.4.4)

It’s not a bug, you just didn’t save the game after receiving the items.

Ok thanks for your response. Now that I know this, I’ll manually save after receiving my rewards. What I don’t understand is why autosave after completing a mission but before receiving the reward? I think it would be better not to autosave here as there is no benefit from having one activate in this instance.

It’s an unfortunate side effect of the items not being added to your inventory until after the loot window closes. The main reason why the game auto-saves is to prevent you from closing/re-opening the game multiple times until you get the items you want (save-scumming).