Mite Interloper steals from the wrong people

It’s hard for me to tell whether this is a bug, or just an ambiguous ability description, but the Mite Interloper stealing doesn’t seem to work the way I’d expect. (It’s also hard to tell because it’s a fairly rare and unpredictable ability, and because I don’t know what percentage of enemies in Realms 3-4 have artifacts).

The ability, “Villainy Thrives”, says “After attacking, 10% chance to steal enemy’s artifact.” I would have expected this to mean “After each of the Mite Interloper’s attacks, if the target has an artifact, there is a 10% chance to steal that artifact.”

What I’m actually observing is that it only seems to trigger when enemies die, that it doesn’t matter whether the mite interloper is the one that killed them, and that it doesn’t even seem to matter if the mite interloper has ever attacked them?

This is in iOS version 2.0.9, so maybe this is related to the positioning bugs that were fixed in 2.0.10.

It looks like this is a display issue. It’s working the way you believe it should, but the message will only display after an enemy dies which is the bugged part. I’ll get this fixed, thanks!

No, I’m definitely seeing some clear-cut cases where the enemy that gets stolen from has never been attacked by the Mite Interloper. Unless that’s because of the positioning bug that was fixed in 2.0.10?

Wait, actually, maybe it’s displaying that an artifact was stolen when a different enemy dies? That might be what’s confusing me.