Mite Interpoler Core

Is there anyway to get a Mite Interpoler Core? As far as I remember, I was giving a Mite Interpoler from doing Castle Quests and talking to someone during that time in the Castle.

My first Nether Egg quest, ever, get a 15 gem 5 activation red Orb, got 3 lvl 10 Mite Interpoler Gems of each of the 5 enchantments. Went to create a Nether Egg, and not I need a Mite Interpoler core!? I’ve never seen these in the wild either, though there was a message saying it would appear. I’ve used it in my party since I got it, because of its passive. Also, since it’s a special creature, I’m sure I couldn’t extract a core from it in the wild either way.

I guess I’ll have to wait til I get a Fang Relic for the skill… But yeah, anyway to get a Mite Interpoler core for a Nether Egg?

If not, I guess I could pawn the gems to Power Gnomes for like 190k power ha.