Mite Skirmisher and Mite Lavalurker


Since 1.2.0, this Mite creature has been renamed :

  • Renamed “Mite Lavalurker” to “Mite Skirmisher”

The problem is that is it still named Lavalurker in my particle inventory and in the stable.
It has its new and correct name in Brine’s shop and in the list of the creatures I have already summoned though.

Maybe there are other creatures with this renaming bug.

An unfortunate side-effect of renaming a creature is that their “nickname” will remain the same. You’ll have to go to the library and change its name manually.

I have renamed my summoned Lavalurker to Skirmisher, but the particles still appear as Lavalurker in my inventory. And when I buy a Skirmisher particle from Bynine, it adds a particle to the Lavalurker counter.

This will continue to happen until you run out of those particles and then acquire a new one.

Ok maybe I’ll create sigils from the particles I have and will buy a “fresh” one.

I have the same problem with “Brownie Piledriver” that has been renamed to “Brownie Captain”. In my particle inventory I see Piledriver.

Do I have to destroy all the particles of renamed creatures if I want to see the correct name ?

Yes, because otherwise it will just keep stacking with the current stack you have since it’s the same creature. Although this is purely cosmetic and won’t affect the game in any way since when you summon the creature, it will have the correct name anyway.