[Mobile] Directional Pad has disappeared.

While I was moving the A button up on my screen via the options menu my Directional Pad has disappeared. Now I have absolutely no way to play. Please help, thank you.

My Android version is 6.0.1. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy Amp 2.


I just released a new update for the Android version of the game. It might take an hour or so before it appears for you, but when it does, please update your game. Then, at the title screen, you can hold down the B button for 10 seconds until you hear a sound. That will reset your game options and should solve the problem. Let me know if you have any issues with this!

Heya Zack!

Thanks for helping Tempus of Time with his issue.

The problem is that this has introduced a weird quirk and conflicts with my gamepad.

I use the 8BitDo Zero Gamepad, and if I open Siralim 3 while the gamepad is connected and wait 10 seconds at the main screen, it’ll reset the options.

It does this consistently. Open game, sit at main screen for 10 seconds, and the options get reset.

Can I suggest moving the Reset option to a standalone button on the main screen or something? Or allow us to disable the Hold B for 10 sec to reset options?