Mobile Performance

I wanted to wait a while to post this to see if the last few patches would help, but it appears like there is still some sort of issue.

The game just became laggy overall since the DLC. Moving around a level is slower, battles are slower, there are delays in areas that there wasn’t before.
I have FPS skipping and High Perf on, but it doesn’t seem to matter. As far as I can tell Siralim 2 is just pegging the CPU like crazy.

For reference, I have a Nexus 5x running a custom 6.0.1 rom. Siralim is 2.2.1
Let me know if you need any other info.

Oh and unrelated, I got a task from the fortune teller to defeat a renegade mage on nether level 33. But I also got a task to beat the boss on that level. Is that a bug?