Mobile Suggestions

Hi Zack.

Congratulations on getting out an awesome mobile port of a fantastic game.

Theres a couple of things that (whilst not dire) are niggling a bit.

Firstly the zoom options - I play on a Samsung S5 and I find that the 1x zoom is too close in, and the 2x is a little too far out. Any chance of toning the zoom down or adding a 1.5 zoom if possible?

Secondly the asterisk on the summoning brazier list. At the moment this highlights any creature you have summoned at least once. Is there any chance of changing the asterisk to display creatures you currently have either in party or stable so we can tell what cores we have where we have got that monster already summoned and still have at hand.

Actually…scrap the second suggestion. Im totally blind…there already is a prompt ‘@ stable’ in the monster detail box in the brazier UI :slight_smile: