Molten Armor spell enchant brought up an artifact stat page??

I was enchanting a lot of spell gems and when I selected Molten armor it opened up the stat page for one of my artifacts.

I got the molten armor from mass transmuting all of the enchanted gems before this.

I could still invisibly apply enchants to the spell gem without the correct dialog box(I expected the game to crash though).

It still opened the same artifact page after repeated selections of the spell gem.

The problem did not reoccur after I closed out of the enchanting station. The possible enchants showed up.

All in all very odd.

Win 10

Ok, this is getting weird now.
A bird popped up.
It’s as if I’m in an invisible menu randomly selecting things with each enchant of molten armor.

It’s the costume menu that was open in the background.

I somehow get into other menus, I can equip the helmet in the screenshot if I have no spell enchants left for a particular spell or maybe just the right menu selection.

It seems to happen after using a lot of enchants on spell gems without exiting the enchant screen.

So possible reproduction.
0. Make a save backup

  1. Buy 30-40 spell gems from the merchant
  2. Have 50-80 enchant materials
  3. Start enchanting
  4. If no screen popped up reload backup save.

Now I opened a part of the library.

I also got into the options menu which closed the spell enchant interface.

The game does crash sometimes with variables not being set/read.

This time a crash on save.

Maybe the stubbornness punishment or high performance mode is allowing this to happen? Not sure though.

The transparency from high performance mode does confirm that menus are being opened and able to be used in the background.

Saving the game when facing a wishing star pops up the wish type menu.

Face wishing star
Open up menu and select “Save and Continue”
The wish type menu will open up without intending to be pressed.

This could be a reproducible example of background menu navigation.