Monster breeding details

Hullo, I am finally getting around to purchasing Siralim 2 after some time away from general PC access and gaming time, and I was just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to share some details in regards to breeding: specifically how monster level relates to summoner level for optimal inheritance purposes; and if there is way to determine the best time to breed a monster for + gains?
I have had a scan through the forums, both here and on the Steam discussion page, as well as going over the unofficial wiki; and of course I have hunted through Google search results, but solid information seems hard to come by in terms of precise details on optimising breeding, as much as it may indeed be possible to do so.
Apologies if I have overlooked something obvious in the available reference materials - I am just assuming by now there is quite a combined pool of knowledge from the much more experienced players in relation to breeding, and I was hoping to tap into the fountain of wisdom!
Many thanks to Thylacine for such a great sequel!

This is all I could find:

I still am not sure how breeding works much. I have seen references to monster level needing to be near mage level, but nothing says what the consequence will be, or HOW close. From the things I linked above it seems the case in June was the 2nd monster not doing much to contribute? I have no idea if that is the same or not. I wish someone who knows anything about breeding would chime in. I feel like I need to be breeding for stats, but I have no clue what I am doing. =/

Those posts are pretty outdated. Since then, I’ve tried very hard to remove any “hidden mechanics” from breeding, and there shouldn’t be anything confusing in there now:

  1. The higher your creatures’ levels, the more stats they’ll contribute. Every level counts, and the level is relative to that of your character.

  2. Your creatures’ highest stats are contributed more than their lowest stats.

Thankyou both for the responses - I’m still very much in early days of the game, but I wanted to try and start getting a handle on the breeding details now and hopefully avoid making any particularly stupid mistakes!
Loving the game thus far.
Thanks again for taking the time to get back to me.


I’m really enjoying this game but for that “bit”. My current situation:

  • Character level : 27
  • Creature levels in party 17, 17, 17, 17, 15 and 11
  • 48 creatures in stables, majority in the 15-18 range, highest being 20 (sholary stables lvl 5)
  • 103 breeding combinations discovered
  • Deepest realm reached : 12

Obviously I focused too much on unlocking creatures and now struggle a bit to get them to decent level to breed.
It suddenly occurred to me that I should start using sigils since, if I got it right, my creatures will level faster than my character through those.
Went and tried, I couldn’t because “at least one my creature is below level 20”. Turns out all are.
I guess this limitation is relative to my character level as well and by the time I get 6 creatures 20+ I’ll be needing levels 22?
So, I’ll put breeding on hold, push deeper in the realms to be able to use sigils (just got a castle quest to clear one too). From there I should be able to close the gap with my character level.

All that being said :

Regarding character level toward breeding :
I’m fine with it as long as sigils can help closing the gap.

Regarding sigils :
Would it be possible to display the required level on sigils for clarity? And maybe make it relative to your highest creature level in party (as the monsters you are to face are)?

This gets to be MUCH less of a problem as you progress. For a while I was in a situation like yours, that I was annoyed at my mage getting levels because that only made getting creatures to my level harder. At some point though, it starts to be that your mage doesn’t level very fast, and creatures level extremely fast. There is really no need to use sigils for now. Actually, your mage levels from sigils as well, so it doesn’t even really solve that. My understanding of breeding is basically that your creatures gain more per breed the higher level they are, and maybe that caps at your mage level. I have done lots of breeding with things below my level, and they still make gains and are fine.

If I were you, I would just keep doing normal realms until either your creatures reach your level, or you die a few times because it got tough. Then breed your team, and go back in at the realm that is your new team level (either level 1 or if you have points in the eggs keeping xp whatever you end up as) and repeat. You don’t really NEED the gene strength early, having good combinations of traits makes up for much of that compared to things you face.

Good explanation from hypermice! The only thing I want to add is that sigils grant bonus experience points only to your creatures, not your character, so those are generally a pretty good option for leveling up your creatures for breeding purposes.

First, the minimum level (creatures) required for sigils is 20, it’s not based on your character level (yay!).

The party I had when I posted was a mess of futur pedigree/mates. So I cleared that first, picked creatures I felt I could stick with given what I unlocked so far, and pushed deeper.

From character level 28, highest creature 15, I pushed from realm level 12 to 26 and my party at last caught up to me (char 57, creatures 57, 56, 56, 55, 54 and 54).
That party is meant to farm, 2 to 3 slots on artifacts are used for resources. All have max HPs and def too. I pretty much extract everything with Hymn of the Dead and From Death to Destiny (death mage perks granting mass extract and resources on extraction respectively). May sounds like battles would take a while, and it did, but after some fine tuning I sometimes manage an all extract/clear on turn 1 and usually don’t go past turn 3.

I kept breeding and unlocking new creatures but not outside the stables (96 creatures stabled, double of what I had). On that note I’m glad I finally found ways to breed some of the god creature types (so I can extract some of them). The variety would be an issue without the charms, glad you included that!

Anyway, I’m now building a proper team of killers and still enjoying the ride.

Thank for the tips!