Monster Breeding QoL

Hi Devs,

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Siralim 3 since release and have played countless hours of Siralim 1/2 before, both on my PC and my Android devices. So THANK YOU for making a fantastic game and being great people who constantly seek to improve and better the games.

When wandering the realms of Siralim 3, I enjoy extracting at least one of every new creature that I come across so I could have access to them for breeding purposes that I knew would be later on in the game. The breeder/recipes function in a way that you already need to have the creature created from the altar and in your stable, before it says it is available for your recipes that you already unlocked. It would be sweet and easy if the breeder could show “Potential Recipes” or something, so you know what creature CORES you already have and what possible monsters they could breed into!

As the system is right now, I have to go to the library to see what recipes I have, check what creatures I could possible create, write down with pen and paper what creature cores I need, walk over to create the creatures from their cores, then walk to the breeder and breed them. It would be an awesome QoL fix if you could implement it!

my scatterbrain suffers from this a lot, and makes me wonder: is the core > creature summon step actually contributing anything to the game? what would we lose if cores were scrapped and one would capture the monster directly instead like in pokemon, other than the resource sink of summoning?

Personally I enjoy the core/summoning aspect of the game though it’s hard to express why. My only real issue with it is that extracting takes up a lengthy part of battles, and can be clunky with the way it breaks up the flow of combat at times. In Siralim 2 there was also added uses for cores themselves, specifically as a way of forcibly spawning more of the same type of creature (I’m not far in S3 and don’t know if this is still a thing)

As well, I really like the idea of additional effects related to extraction, like S2’s Death perk that did a full party extraction, or the golem’s type changing stuff.

While I’m not a big fan of mechanics for the sake of balance, the resource requirement makes sense. If you didn’t have to spend money to stable them, you could just spam capture and they would keep gaining levels and you’d be able just breed them over and over with no cost or planning whatsoever. Honestly, I’d personally prefer it that way. But, I can see a lot of reasons why the mechanic exists.