Monster Breeding Questions (How to breed X...)

Hello! 3 questions: first, I’m wondering if anyone could be nice enough to provide the recipe for Abominations? I couldn’t seem to locate it on the wiki
Also, is it possible to breed a Failed Experiment (Magi Tower) or a Mimic? I’m sure it’s been answered before…but i’m ultra lazy 8)

Oh…and i’m about to reach floor #40 but haven’t encountered the quests for Grimoires or Nether Creatures. hope I didn’t miss those things.

Thanks in advance :wink:


Abominations are one of the races added with the Trials of the Gods expansion. These races have no breeding combinations, so you have to extract from them manually. You will start seeing them more often once you beat the boss at Realm Depth 40. You could also use the services of the Arcanist to get some Sigils of the Abomination and extract from them there.

The Grimoire quests will be given to you by the librarian after beating the Realm Depth 40 boss.

You can create a Nether Creature at any time, even before the first boss! But you will need to max out Meraxis’s favor ranks to get the required facility in your castle (note that to actually make the Nether Creature you will also need Yseros and Vertraag at max favor rank).

excellent! thanks for the speedy reply and good info …sounds like I just need to keep chugging along as normal then ;D
can’t believe I could have made a Nether Creature right from the start though, lmao.