Monster differentiation [thoughts]

Since I finally got some time to play and “finish” third installation of Siralim, it was almost yet to fail with impressing me about progress done: UI greatly improved since S2, resources finally feels different, all those redrawn icons looks much better, new Arena is a masterpiece, etc/etc/etc…

Except for exactly one thing…
Thing that was left untouched since artifacts got their legendary properties.
All creatures feel totally interchangeable.

Yes, they all possess different stats (which can easily be adjusted), family (that only matters for some abilities), class (out of 5 ones with no duals) and ability - for which artifact is much, much more convenient. They never felt unique. They never felt compelling to diffuse ‘em all.

What could be done right now ? Things:

  • Memory (new stat):: Did it ever felt strange to you that both imbecile Yeti and, say, Grimoire is both equip exactly 3 spell gems by default ? What if initial slot will differ for different creature kinds, handled by some separate static (as in, non level-based) stat ? Some will get only 2 gems, some will be able to equip four or even five without equipment and traits.

  • Spell aptitudes:: Not all creatures was made equal. Some are better with stat manipulation. Some sucks with direct damage. Some are so potent that they add few additional turns for debuffs. Or buffs. Every monster kind can have their actual rank-based (think A/B/C/D/E) spell potency list. I guess it’s will be natural for Smogs to get better debuffing and for Efreets to excel in direct damage.

  • Tags:: Some creatures are big (Gargants). Some creatures are small (Imps). Some creatures are flying. Some creature are inorganic. What if spells and ability will take it in account ? Earthquake and whirlwinds will deal with flyers differently. Golems and Skeletons will be immune to bleeding. Some spells will never miss bigger targets or simply crush smaller at HP %.

  • Multicoloring:: Crypt Bat are Chaos creatures. Skeletons are Death creatures. Death Bats ? Shouldn’t they be, like typed, with both Chaos and Death ? Moss Golems can go both with Sorcery and Nature. Wolpertingers ? Shapeshifters ? All those kinds should count as more than 1 class, main (used to count damage) and auxiliary (used to trigger stuff and equip appropriate gems).

(more to come)