Monster fusing?

This is what kept me from buying Siralim 2. I didn’t like the fusing in DQM and it looked the same in Siralim 2. It reminded me of Respec, where you have to start from the beginning. And only makes me feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. If this new one is focused on fusing like the last one I don’t think I’ll be grabbing it. Sorry :frowning:

Breeding works a lot differently in Siralim 3, but you still lose both parents in the process, so if you dislike that then you still won’t like the new system. You can read all about it here:

There will be an option to turn off monster level caps and this removes the need to breed critters except for when you want to create a new species, like it should be in my opinion. I hate losing both parents just to create a slightly more upgradedable version of one of the parents. Its a really non fun play loop that made S2 unplayable for me until new game plus fixed everything that was wrong with S2.