Monster Positioning : Front Line / Back Line

I have read some posts about Siralim that talk about team compositions with certain “front line” and “back line” monsters. I am not sure if these comments are literal descriptions of where to put certain monsters, or if they are just figurative descriptions of the role a monster plays in the team.

My understanding (which may be flawed) is that monster positioning only matters when specific abilities make it matter. That is, effects like Thrust and Splash care about positioning, but otherwise it doesn’t matter if my Tank is in the “front” of my team or the “back”.

Is this correct? Or is there a hidden defensive (or offensive) benefit to having creatures near the front of my team?

P.S. Effects and abilities that care about positioning are a lot of fun. I am very pleased that a significant number of creatures/effects/abilities/spells care about adjacency and other positioning factors!

You are correct. I thought about adding some kind of bonuses for creatures that are in the back or front, but in the end I think that just adds unneeded complexity to the game. I plan to add more position-based abilities and even spells in the future, though.

Thanks for the quick response.

I think that your approach of putting position-dependent modifiers/effects/whatever directly into abilities (and spells and status effects) makes the combat feel more clean/transparent than having static hidden modifiers based on position.

I look forward to seeing more position-related abilities in the future!

On my first day playing the game, I remember putting a Sand Giant into my team and venturing into Realm level 4 for the first time. I had a really difficult fight, where it was my Sand Giant’s turn and I had a choice between finishing off a dangerous Brim Smith (who was the lone creature in his back row) or attacking the (much less dangerous) Gimp Mummy in the center of the middle row for a chance to stun two other creatures. Those kind of decisions feel really cool.

(Note: I went with the Stun option, and ended up winning the fight – though I immediately lost my Provoking Springtime Aspect to the Brim Smith when his dodge failed – however, the next fight was a disaster that taught me that I wasn’t actually ready to do Realm level 4 )