Moon Hunter - Razorshap not repeating every time

Version 0.1.5 Windows.

My team is composed of :

  • 3 Moon Hunter
  • 2 Light Hunter
  • 1 Bard Ballader (with Zealot of the forest)

I have 2 points in the perk Forest Pact.

If I understand correctly the Trait of Moon Hunter, after it attacks an enemy, there should be 7 procs of Razorshap (3 Moon Hunter + 2 Light Hunter + 2 Forest Pact) but in reality the number vary.

Example of a battle log, from the start :

Targets are always chosen all at the same time for just about everything. I would bet that those creatures that were killed in the log were slated to take more razorsharp hits and so those hits were wasted when they died.