More Breeding Information

So I had a Fallen Carnage +2 that I combined with another Fallen Carnage +2.
Both were level 22. My mage is lv 30.

Fallen Carnage +2 >:(

So I decided to compare a Fallen Carnage (0) to my newly made Carnage (2) to see what the difference was.

The difference? +2 base speed over the Carnage (0). That’s it. Oh, and the Gene Strength isn’t indicated from the Stables, either.

Other than combining for new creatures, Breeding for Gene Strength doesn’t seem to do much for the effort required.

Can we get some more detailed information on the system?

So +2 means that the creature has two extra points added to its base statistics. (That is, +X is equivalent to the creature having eaten X Pills in Siralim 1)

That part makes sense to me. Exactly how the levels and Gene Strength of the parents combine to produce the Gene Strength of the Offspring is still pretty opaque.