More macro options

It would be great if the following options could be added to the macro system to truly automate your teams actions:

  • Has Sealed/Unsealed spell gem
  • Has/Has not temporary trait
  • Has/Has not decayed artifact
  • Has/Has not specific trait -> maybe/maybe not, the spell gem list is already really long and the trait list would be much much longer, however it would allow you to target dangerous creatures
  • an option to use “and” for conditions. “Or” can be simulated by duplicating actions in several lines with different conditions. As an alternative a “Call other macro” action would work. At the moment having an Extract Macro requires 6 lines (one for each enemy slot) because the macro
    “Any enemy”/“Core Count < X”/“Extract” will fail if the first creature is already extracted. With the ability to chain macros you could do
    1: “Any enemy”/“Core Count < X”/“Call macro 2”
    2: “Any enemy”/“Not extracted”/“Extract”
    To prevent endless recursion, the line should fail if the target macro was already called.

I love the macros in this game, but I agree that they would greatly benefit from a streamlined way to add “And” and “Or” conditions. This seems like a great way to do that!