Most dangerous combination in the game - how do you beat it?

So I’ve got a team that’s all but invincible, but there is one combination I’m not sure I could beat (this is assuming you’re far enough down in the dungeon that one shot is a guaranteed kill).

Skeleton Mortarman in a row with a Topaz Paragon, and a Bone Reaper

So, is there a way to guarantee you can beat this combination? AoE damage that won’t trigger most abilities, plus the lack of most resurrection abilities after leaves few choices. Obviously it’s not a common thing to see with enemies, so the counter doesn’t have to be perfect. But can you set something up so that you will survive this 90%+ of the time.

Are you referring to a near infinite enemy level? If not then having a high defense creature with taunt can stand up to it. As far as I’m aware it takes the damage it would have done to its main target then distribute 60% of that to all other creatures. Then again you did mention the topaz paragon, since there is the change to taunters to require them to provoke, that strategy wouldn’t work. The other option then is to increase the defense of all creatures, a sapphire paragon then a creature with unbreakable(forgot which smith this was) in each row with high all defense artifacts.

Option B, 6 diabolic observers ;D

I think Arqane means at at a lv where everything 1 shot you regardless how much hp of defense you have. I’m not sure how Raid perk+Topaz works against enemy’s Topaz but if Topaz from both sides cancels each other out leaving Raid then you get to act first.

In other words yes, it is a near infinite enemy level, then no, I can see no way of beating an enemy who will go first and 1 shot your entire team. Unless shell works…hm…in which case siren coercer.

yeah as long as you get to act first you can wipe them too. So the real question is what happens when both sides have Topaz. Add in Raid perk for more confusion.

edit: or having more than 1 Topaz on your team? Not sure how that works.

If both sides have the first strike capability then it goes back to the standard fastest speed goes first. Raid perk I’m not sure if it stacks with a topaz. The same question was mentioned when I had posted that the topaz shows up in the wild. The final solution is to now never summon the topaz in the first place.

Raid and Topaz do not stack. If both sides have a Strikes First rule, then action order is decided by Speed as normal.

In answer, Frog, if you get that combination you’re dead unless you’re a Life Mage or have Vigilance. I’m not sure if Rebirth counts as a death effect, but if it does then Ancestral Phoenix would be another possible answer.

Ahh VagrantSun solved it. :wink:

So yeah, shell was something I thought of as soon as leaving earlier. That might work. Since it has to target one originally, I think it might cancel the attack.