Most objects and NPC's don't disappear on the map until animation is finished

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Right after the item collection screen has closed quickly open the map (0.2-0.5 seconds). The object will still be shown on the map even though it has already been collected. Once the map is closed the animation will have finished and the object will not be listed on the map anymore.

Resource nodes / objects have the same issue. Quickly open the map before it fades and the node will still be whole on the map.

After answering the riddle giver’s question he will begin to fade. Open the map before he finishes fading.

There are a lot more that are not listed.

The treasure chest feels like the right behavior. While it is fading it shows that it has been opened on the map.

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Linux using WINE

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See 3. Summary: Open map during the fade animation of an resource / object / NPC