mouth of hell


Android galaxy S5

Version 1.0.13 (current)

When the mouth of hell dies, nothing happens. No effect or ability at all…

My team had an omnipotent deity who’s ability would proc when the mouth died, but nothing from the mouth? Was hoping to see how the new form works.

This ability was changed.

  • Final Oblation (Mouth of Hell) has been reworked: After defending, creature dies and deals damage to all enemies equal to 200% of its missing health.

That’s what I’m saying. I know it was changed. I was testing to see how is rework does and it… doesn’t. Anything. The ability does nothing right now. No damage not a thing. He’s currently ability-less.

I just tested it and it appears to be working properly for me. It’s working for a few others as well since I’ve been talking to them about it lately. Are you sure you’re selecting “Defend” to make the ability activate? And are you sure the Mouth of Hell doesn’t have the Scorn debuff?

I can confirm that the ability works properly and procs Calamity too.

Working normally for me.

Ah, provoke doesn’t proc the ability. Well then nevermind. Not much of an ability anyways, I suppose.

There we go, finally got a snap shot to confirm. 0 damage with almost 2k health

The damage is based on missing health. It looks like you used it at full health.

The re-tooled ability synergizes well with Everything’s Gone and Cradle to Grave.

It’s based on missing health? Maybe in just misunderstanding the description a ton. Thought I read that it was based on max health :stuck_out_tongue: man, talk about a severely complex ability