Movement speed slowdown when on a realm quest

Thought its a feature. Ppl said its likely a bug. win7/steam latest version (though i remember similar stuff in siralim 3) basically as soon as i get realm quest i get like 2x decreased movement speed until i complete it. Its perfectly trackable since when i just enter the realm before quest pops/generates it all comes fast. When it pops - 2x slower movement speed til its complete. immediately once its complete - move speed 2x. iunno maybe my hardware or video settings have to do something w/ it or maybe some script that sniffs for realm quest works too aggressively.
Please take a look at it Zack, what MIGHT cause it (and yeap playing w/ options does nothing) but for me its a huge difference in gameplay ie i have to run for that quest skipping all loot etc since it will be 2x faster to do so after its done

its either fixed w/ last mini patch on steam that came unannounced. or it was a memory leak since i usually never quit the game unless there is an update. last run took from release of 0.11.4 to just now. will comment if anything changes. thanks

hmm, it seems it some sort of a memory leak after all, think after about 30-50 realm quests it start to slowdown a bit when on a realm quest.

I got this problem since Alpha-Version - with start of a Realm-Quest the Movement-Speed is just a half. After finishing Realm-Quest it goes faster and “smoother”.
Win 10, Nvidia, 16 GB Ram…

(Played not much in Alpha so i have not cared about)