Movement speed slowdown with 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0
OS: Proton / Linux

The upside (downside?) is that frameskipping no longer doubles movement speed on
Windows. Linux versions no longer reuse existing frames randomly.

Problem, I got used to double movement speed when frameskipping was enabled.

Was it a bug that we could move twice as fast?

It never did that on any of my devices across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. I suspect that was a bug related to GameMaker, since patch 1.3.0 was built using a new version of GameMaker so I guess it’s fixed now. As the option description reads, though, frame skipping wasn’t ever intended to be used on non-mobile devices. I left it there in case some people using extremely outdated computers needed it.

True, frame reuse made the Linux version playable with frameskip for me.

Frameskipping prior to 1.3.0 sped up animations for people with non-mobile devices it seems.

mage movement speed, enemy death animations, and spell animations were running 2x faster.

Could there be a replacement to make this unintended behavior (essentially animation time is halved) a feature in the game.