Much weaker than before

Since the last Update I can´t do anything against the enemys on the current realm. Yesterday I trained for hours onto the realm and now my Team is much weaker than the enemys.

What does your team look like? What attacks/spells are you noticing as significantly weaker? What level are you and what level are enemies in that realm?


could you elaborate this?
This is an issue that could not necessarily be bug or balance related.

What are the two versions you are comparing?
Did you test it on higher realms? Because not only the level of the enemies become higher they have stronger artifacts and spell gems, too. This could heavily influence your damage output.
Did you change your team. If not numbers and enemies would be nice. If you are serious about this issue better test it on a realm 1-2 levels below your current maximum - and at the best also write down what do you expect.

Of course because of the randomness you are never going to reproduce two of the same fights to compare them, but you can try to design the circumstances at comparable as possible.

Actually I also noticed an increase in strength of enemy teams, however, from realm 16 to 17 they get 1 Level, from 25 to 26 they get 3 levels for example - so I do not need to wonder :wink:

Like I said, I trained on the same realm for hours.

My Team doesn´t change, nether the equipment.

Ok, your creatures and equipment haven’t changed. Without knowing what the creatures and equipment are we can’t try to figure out why you had a sudden drop if combat power.
If you were burn based, burn got fixed because it was doing way to much damage a couple of patches ago.

I’am an idiot. Yesterday my creatures has Mend and Grace. -.-

Forget about this post.