Multicast + Dark Transformation and Multicast + Devour + Drained

Hi, firstly these are two separate bugs, also I am not sure if it is a bug or a feature and moreover fixing it would interfere with my strategy oO.

Version: 0.70.0 | Win 10 x64

1 Multicast + Dark Transformation

  • make sure you have (Abomination just for fun), Dark Transformation and Multicast - either the buff or some Traits like Limitless.
  • if I cast Dark Transformation with Multicast on a creature it only transforms one time but you will of course get the same stat increase twice.
    Why do I think there is a bug?
  • Well, If I cast Dark Transformation twice manually on the same creature I get one transformation with 100% stat increase and then with the second cast a second transformation with a stat increase based on the stat increase of the first transformation >>> in that respect Dark Transformation cast twice manually is much stronger than with multicast etc. and the creature really transforms multiple times.

However, is this truly intended that there is a difference? Ultimately it does not matter to me since both ways you’ll reach the 500% pretty fast.

2 Multicast + Devour + Drained
Not only I increase my own stats at the same time I decrease the enemies as well.

  • Make sure you have Devour spell gem equipped on a high int creature, the Drained Trait from the Plague Doctor and some Multicast capabilities (and Abomination just for fun)
  • at best test it on low level realms with HoD deactivated
  • cast Devour on an enemy with the most balanced stats
  • it will die from it due to Drained and you get an increase in attack, defense, intelligence and speed
    Now the possible bug
  • if multicast triggers although the enemy died from Drained, Devour will cast into nothing and I get the same stat increase again.
    Even if it helps a lot I am not sure if this is the way it should work.

Thank you for considering (not ;D) fixing this and thank your for your exceptional work.

These are both working as intended because when a creature makes an action in combat, all the events that follow it happen at the same time. So if a creature has 100 Defense and you increase it by 50% twice due to Multicast, it will gain +50 Defense twice for a total of 200 Defense since both increases happened at the same time. That seems to be the behavior you’re describing with both of your points.

Perfect, thank you :wink: