Multiple avatars in team + max level?

I was checking my stable groups and found this…
They fight in battle just fine.
But, lv 2.14B!!!
Just think of the stats if those had gene strength.

So the avatar went back to normal stats when a creature was added.
The stats grew out of control when I removed a normal creature.
It looks like the gods inherited the gene strength from my +5.5M Whispering Shade. They returned to normal after adding the shade back in.
See attachment 4.

The trait description with 4 avatars is copied from the avatar in the first slot.

Figured out how to get multiple avatars.

Start with 2 or more normal creatures in your party
Assign that party to a stable group
Transform them all into nethers ( no error message about 2 or more in party)
Read a tome for each desired avatar.
DONE 2+ avatars in a party. (still no error message)

Putting them in a stable group is the only way to get more than one avatar in the party after swapping back to another group of creatures.

Tricky! I’ll fix this, thanks!