Multiple mirrorball use (random, rare, and precise)

Dumplings can run away from battle in a mirrorball. When the battle is over an exalted emblem is not rewarded (separate bug?).

If the player is facing the mirrorball after winning the battle described above and presses the E button a frame(maybe two) after the reward screen a second battle sometimes starts. In my case, it was a second set of six dumpling.

Although it’s such a rare event for a second battle that I’ve only noticed it twice. So the previous paragraph may not be exactly right.

Win 10

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Take note of mage direction when facing mirrorball.
  2. Have at least one dumpling in your party.
  3. Have at least one enemy dumpling run away from battle.
  4. Win battle.
  5. During and after the reward screen, mash E and the direction that the mage was facing to enter a new fight with the mirrorball. Repeated six times so far.

Possibly able to spawn a nemesis dumpling with enough repeats.
Normal exp given if all enemies run away(repeatable)