So, hopefully that will not be too complicated … I highlight the important spells and traits, than it is easier to look over :smiley:

I have a Life Monster that has Multispell casting Reincarnation on my Nix Creeper, while my Volatile Phoenix has the Buffet Trait. Nix Creeper dies by Reincarnation, is revived, Multicast casts again Reincarnation, Nix Creeper dies again and revived. Then Nix Creeper’s Trait “Break down and cry” activates and she casts 3 spells on the opponents because she was killed. Then Buffet activates from Volatile Phoenix, then Nix Creeper acts three more spells, because she was twice killed.

Then, in my opinion, once again Buffet should be activated, but it is not activated.

Am I seeing this wrong or is it a mistake?

I played on 0.2.2.