Multistrike and abilities


I’m not sure it is a bug but I wonder if Multistrike is working as intended.

First, I’ve seen one of my skeletons being killed by the second hit of a Multistrike, but I had a Pegasus in my team. I think the Pegasus should have intercepted as least the killing blow but I’m not sure.

Second, I wonder if the following blows of a Multistrike should proc abilities and effects ? My Fallen Carnage procs its abilities when killing a creature with a following blow so I believe the answer is yes.

Multistrike basically just adds extra damage to an attack while allowing it to bypass certain abilities, buffs, and debuffs as you’ve already noticed.

It is intended that Multistrike does not proc any abilities because that would be way too overpowered. Imagine using it with the Shogun’s ability, for example.

OK so it is normal that Multistrike does not proc abilities. But the Fallen Carnage does gain Multistrike again when it kills a creature with Multistrike. I suppose that in this particular case it is working as intended.

But I keep wondering if the Pegasus should not intercept a killing Multistrike blow :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I read a lot about that Shogun creature but I have never met it. I do a lot of Power Spells though, with 200k power. I must be unlucky or it is not accessible via Power Spells, or maybe with smaller Power Spells ?

I have collected 217 different particles, so I believe there are 13 creatures I have never met or diffused. I wonder where I can find them … I have finished all creature tier rituals by the way.

The Shogun can be obtained from Power Spells. The amount of power you invest only determines the number of particles you receive; not the creature acquired. So you might want to continue doing maximum Power Spells since it’d be a shame to only end up with 1 Shogun Particle.

Thanks for the advice, I was fearing you would be vague about it :wink:

That’s as much detail as I can give since there’s a lot of randomness involved with it too :slight_smile: The amount of Power you invest only increases the quantity/rarity of what you receive - not the exact type of item you’ll receive.

I’m getting a lot of shards and major sigils lately. I’ll keep power spelling to get particles.

I have bought the particles I did not already have from Bynine and now I miss 6 creature particles on the 230 I believe exist.

I have the name for 4 of them, so there are 2 creatures that nobody I am aware of have met …

One of them might be the Pumking, maybe?

No I’ve got it summoned and in my Particle inventory :slight_smile:


I’m a bit skeptical about the randomness of Power Spells, or I am very very unlucky. I think on the 20 or so last Power Spells I have done lately, I have gained Major Sigils, Shards, Emblems, Pandemonium Tokens, and Spells once. I don’t remember having gained anything else for a very long time.

You are unlucky, but I am also not happy with Power Spells right now. I don’t think they should give you Pandemonium Tokens or Exalted Emblems. I’m adding an entirely new type of item soon so that will be included in Power Spells and the items I mentioned will be removed.